Saturday, December 8, 2012

Discipline with love

Discipline is what is lacking currently in loving you Sai.Love and discipline do not go hand in hand i guess but discipline will surely bring a fresh a breeze of your love.Hence getting myself on track again cause i feel love towards GOD also stagnates at some point.There only the satka
[baba's satka] of discipline can bring in  a new air.Directing everything one does towards God is the only discipline I am looking for. Trying my best to dedicate every minute thing to the one lord.Let my mind be at his feet always.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

divine garden

lendi baug
        They say my sai baba had ‘green’ fingers, for all that he sowed and planted would blossom forth into fruit and flower. The divine gardner nutured the seeds sown in the shirdi soil and brought it up with divine fruits and flowers.This divine garden was known as lendi baug.Its amazing that i am psting the information on lendi baug twice today,early in the day i postd on facebok page.But now i am writing on lendi buag with some added gyaan.Thanks to my intution that i just happened to switch to ishaanji {shiv yog} show on television.That divine soul was speaking on the importance of praticing the knowledge imparted to you by your guru without pirating it.He gave the example of a seed which needs to see the light of the day,the harsh rains,the gushing storms and the darkness before it matures into a strong tree.If the seed is kept in a gold locker then it is of no use similarly the knowledge imparted by the guru needs to be imparted in the worldy drama so that the soul realizes itself.The soul needs to give all the test of happiness and sorrow created by its owm karma and the only key to pass the test is just follow the words of the guru.
       I am trying my best to follow shirdi sai baba's words with love and i really take myself to task when i go against his words.I will be a tree who will give shadow to the travellers if i successfully follow my baba's words.

shirdi maze pandharpur

“YOU ARE VITHU-MAULI*, YOU ARE SAI-MAULI !”{from sai leela magazine written by devotee megha}

    Pandurang of Pandharpur town is the Deity dear to many, not only from Maharashtra and Karnatak but also for several people from outside Maharashtra ! The heartfelt love of Vitthal pulls the devotees to Pandharpur - forgetting the differences in religions and castes. Due to this congregation, Pandharpur has become a regional cultural center.
    Many devotees fervently believe that Pandurang or Vitthal of Pandhari is Lord Shrikrishna. This Deity is a beautiful statue carved out of black stone.
    Actually, the complexion of Pandurang (Pandurang Kanti) is supposed to be fair and that’s why He is called ‘Pandu-rang’. However, at the time of Amrut Manthan, the poison ‘Halahal’ came out of the seven seas and Lord Shankar digested it. Therefore, Lord Shankar (and in turn Lord Vishnu) acquired a dark complexion. Similarly, Lord Vishnu took ‘Amrut’ and hence, Lord Shankar became fair like camphor (Karpoor Gaur). Thus, the birth of Vitthal personifies
Origin of the name ‘Vitthal’
Many Saints have mentioned that Vitthal is a Form of no one else but Vishnu. The Kannada word ‘Vitthal’ is originated from ‘Vishnu’. Actually, the word ‘Vishnu’ got corrupted into ‘Vithu’ and its full form became ‘Vitthal’. It is also said that word ‘Vitthal’ is made up from Vit = Brick and Thela = Kept.
According to some, the name ‘Vitthal’ contains ‘Vid’ (Sanskrit) which means ‘knowing’. Thus, ‘Vitthal’ is the one Who gives experience of unity of knowledge. He is very much loved by the Saints.
Vitthal has a conch shell (Shankha) in one hand and a destroyer wheel (Chakra) in another. These are symbols of war. He has a cap over His head. It is believed that it is symbolic of Shivling.
Vari and Varkaris
For past more than 700 years, the devotees of this sect (Sampraday) have been undertaking annual pilgrimage trip to Pandharpur. This vow is known as Vari or trip and the devotees are known as Varkaris.
The Varkaris believe that performing Pooja of Sagun - Sakar Vitthal and His statue is equivalent to performingPooja of Brahma. They are convinced that Varkari Panth is the only sect showing the easiest path for transformation from Sagun to NirgunVarkari Panth is also referred to as Vaishnav Panth. The origins of this sect of devotion are very ancient. Pinnacle of the Saints - Saint Dnyaneshwar - embraced this sect. And after his doing so, the common men believed that Parabrahma itself is residing at Shri Kshetra Pandharpur in the Form of Vithoba.
Various Saints and Pandhari
sai vitthal
Pandharpur was dear to Saint Eknath for two reasons. For one, he believed that it is his Maher (parent’s abode).
‘‘Know that, that is this Pandharpur is the Maher1 of all Gods and the Nij - Mandir2 of all Saints’’
Secondly, he loved it because there was a congregation of Gods (Hari Har Sangam) at the place. He said that Pandhari is a mine of endless blessings.
‘‘There, where Karpoorgaur3 is standing constantly with Vishnu.’’

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

happy independence day

Independence day always brings about a joy of freedom in one's heart.Freedom of embracing democracy seems to be less important to me today.The word independence only takes me to the world of calmness.The battle going inside the mind between the do's and dont's need to see the flag of freedom.But how is the question i put at the feet of my guru-Shirdi Sai.I hope i will truly celebrate my independence one day in his world.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shree Krishna Jayanti

Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Shri Vishnu, the protector and preserver of this universe. Krishna came to this holy earth to give pleasure to His devotees, which are very dear to Him. Krishna does a lot of lilas (attractive pastimes) for the pleasure of his devotees. Krishna means the one who is 'All-Attractive' . Krishna attracts his devotees so as to make them more and more immersed in His love. This love for Krishna takes them (devotes) to a level of joy where none else can reach. Spreading this joy is one of the prime objectives of Krishna's incarnation and pastimes. In fact each pastime of Krishna carries a deep meaning in it. One must try to get to this joy (and understanding of deeper meaning) with repeated listening of Krishna's pastimes.

Lord Krishna Himself says this to His devotee Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita :

“I manifest Myself personally, whenever there is a decline in righteousness and predominance of righteousness” 

In Kaliyuga Murlidhar stepped in shirdi in the form of Shree Sai baba to play the divine game again.He has promised us again that he loves all of us so much and is eagerly waiting for his Radha and Meera.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ,Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 
Hare Sai Hare Sai ,Sai Sai Hare Hare.

The great Dnyaneshwar Maharaj

Sant Dnyāneshwar is also known as Jñanadeva. He was a 13th century Maharashtrian Hindu saint, poet, philosopher and yogi of the Nath tradition whose works Bhavartha Deepika also known as dnyaneshwari, and Amrutanubhav are considered to be milestones in Marathi literature.The Dnyaneshwari is the commentary on Bhagavad Gita .This commentary has been praised not only for its scholarly, but also for its aesthetic value. The original name of the work is Bhavarth Deepika, roughly translated as "The light showing the internal meaning" (of the Bhagvad Geeta). But it is popularly called as Dnyaneshwari, based on its creator's name who created it at the age of 16.
After having composed Amrutanubhava, Dnyaneshwar made a pilgrimage to northern India with Namdev and other saints. After completing this pilgrimage he expressed his intention to enter into a state of Samadhi because he felt that the mission of his life was complete. It is widely propagated that at the age of 21 on 13th day of the second half of Kartik in Shaka 1218, Dnyaneshwar entered into a permanent state of Sanjeevan Samadhi at Alandi in MaharashtraIndia.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

link to happiness

In maharashtra today the fishermen worship the sea god by offering a coconut and flag the beginning of the fishing season.They pray to the sea to save them from the sea wraths.I realised that my spiritual guru Sai is the ocean of love who holds the entire universe.And i am one of the fishermen who holds the net of desire and wants to trap  happiness,not aware of the fact that i just need to jump in the sea of love to experience happiness and bliss.Yes but for that i need to know swimming and who else will teach me, the water itself,i cant stand out and just scream ''i want to swim'','' i want to swim'',i need to jump in the water and learn to swim. Sai Sat charitra teaches me to swim in the wordly ocean which is full of love,unless i grasp all the lessons i will keep on drowning.The ocean of love then appears to me as the ocean of wrath.But hats off to me that at least i have realised that my desires and wants are not the real produces of happiness.Only if i merge them in the ocean of love that is in Sai love,i will be the mother of happiness.
Link to the ocean of love -https://www.SHRISAIBABASANSTHAN.ORG/shri%20saisatcharitra/english_pdf/English.html
Prem ke Sagar

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sant Namdev

Namdev and Saint Jnaneswar - The Immature Pot

Devotee : Is it possible to speak to Iswara as Sri Ramakrishna
Ramana Maharshi : When we can speak to each other why should we not speak to Iswara in the same way?

Devotee :Then why does it not happen with us?
Ramana Maharshi : It requires purity and strength of mind and practice in meditation.

Devotee : Does God become evident if the above conditions
Ramana Maharshi : Such manifestation is as real as your own reality. In other words, when you identify yourself with the body as in jagrat you see gross objects; when in subtle body or in mental plane as in swapna, you see objects equally subtle; in
the absence of identification as in sushupti you see nothing.
The objects seen bear a relation to the state of the seer. The
same applies to visions of God. By long practice the figure of God, as meditated upon, appears in dream and may later appear in jagrat also.

Devotee : Is that the state of God-realisation?
Ramana Maharshi : Listen to what happened once years ago.
Vithoba found Namdev had not yet realised the Supreme Truth and wanted to teach him. When Jnaneswar and Namdev returned from their pilgrimage, Gora Kumbhar gave a feast to all the saints in his place and among them were Jnaneswar and Namdev. At the feast Jnaneswar, in collusion with Gora, told Gora publicly, “You are a potter, daily engaged in making pots and testing them to see which are properly baked and which are not.
These pots before you (i.e., the saints) are the pots of Brahma. See which of these are sound and which not.”
Thereupon Gora said, “Yes, Swami, I shall do so,” and took up
the stick with which he used to tap his pots to test their soundness.
Holding it aloft in his hand he went to each of his guests and
tapped each on the head as he usually did to his pots. Each guest
humbly submitted to such tapping. But when Gora approached
Namdev, the latter indignantly called out, “You potter, what do
you mean by coming to tap me with that stick?”
Gora thereupon told Jnaneswar, “Swami, all the other pots have been properly baked. This one (i.e. Namdev) alone is not yet properly baked.” All the assembled guests burst into laughter.
Namdev felt greatly humiliated and ran up to Vitthala (the deity he worshipped) with whom he was on the most intimate terms, playing with him, eating with him, sleeping with him and so on. Namdev complained of this humiliation which had happened to him, the closest friend and companion of Vitthala.
Vitthala (who of course knew all this) pretended to sympathise with him, asked for all the details of the happenings at Gora’s house and after hearing everything said, “Why should you not have kept quiet and submitted to the tapping, as all the others did? That is why all this trouble has come.”
Thereupon Namdev cried all the more and said, “You also want to join the others and humiliate me. Why should I have submitted like the others? Am I not your closest friend, your child?” Vitthala said, “You have not yet properly understood the truth, and you won’t understand if I tell you. But go to the saint who is in a ruined temple in such and such a forest. He will be able to give you enlightenment.”

Namdev accordingly went there and found an old, unassuming man sleeping in a corner of the temple with his feet on a Sivalingam. Namdev could hardly believe this was the man from whom he – the companion of Vitthala – was to gain enlightenment. However, as there was none else there, Namdev went near the man and clapped his hands.
The old man woke up with a start and seeing Namdev, said, “Oh –
you are Namdev whom Vitthala has sent here. Come!” Namdev was dumbfounded and began to think, “This must be a great man.” Still he thought it was revolting that any man however great, should be resting his feet on a lingam.
He asked the old man, “You seem to be a great personage. But is it proper for you to have your feet on a lingam?” The old man replied,
“Oh, are my feet on a lingam? Where is it? Please remove my feet elsewhere.” Namdev removed the feet and put them in various places. Wherever they were put, there was a Sivalingam.
Finally, he took them on his lap and he himself became a Sivalingam! Then he realised the truth and the old gentleman said, “Now you can go back.”

Bhagavan added, “It is to be noted that only when he surrendered himself, and touched the feet of his guru, enlightenment came. After this final enlightenment Namdev returned to his house and for some days did not go to Vitthala at the temple, though it had been his habit not only to visit Vitthala every day, but to spend most of his time with Vitthala at the temple.
So, after a few days, Vitthala went to Namdev’s house and like a guileless soul, enquired how it was that Namdev had forgotten him and never visited him. Namdev replied, ‘No more of your fooling me. I know now. Where is the place where you are not! To be with you, should I go to the temple? Do I exist apart from you?’ Then Vitthala said, ‘So you now understand the truth. That is why you had to be sent for this final lesson’.”

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

happy gurupurnima

This is first time i am feeling so emotional on Gurupurnima.May be cauz i had never experienced the guru's grace ever before.I feel indebted to him to make me feel so loved,as i deserve the least.The only dakshina i can afford to give him is to implement the lessons he has taught me through his words and my very own experiences.I am a beggar without his words.He wants to hug me so tight in his arms that i would only be a fool to escape this divine trap.What can i do for him,i am not worthy enough to look into his eyes.So i have to make every effort to make myself worthy,so that i can fullfill his wish.I need to walk only that walk in my life that will take me towards his path.He is not expecting from me anything and that triggers me to just do everything only for him.
Today i promise you that by next gurupurnima i will be even more closer to you than what i am today.
I will only purpose not say that i will make an effort to get closer to you becauz the effort will only yield a result through my faith.You have made me experience your vibration in sleep and waking state both.I would have never been able to know these vibration or i must say you nirgun {with form} beauty unless you wished to show me.My words fall short to describe this beauty and  now i only want to look at you.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who is lord viththal ?

Viththal’s idol is dark complexioned with protruding eyes and stands on a brick with hands held on the waist. When Pundalik served his parents Lord Viththal was appeased and appeared before him. At that time to avoid any lapse in service towards his parents, Pundalik threw a brick and asked The Lord to stand on it. The Lord stood watching his service with admiration. This idol is different from idols of other deities which wield either a weapon or bestow a blessing with the hand. It depicts Viththal observing everything as a spectator (sakshibhav). The sense organs lie above and the motor organs below the waist. Hands on the waist means the one with the motor organs within His control.{From hindu jagruti}

And our dear baba showed his devotees how viththal manifested in shirdi.Baba said that devotion is the only necessity to get his darshan.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hide and seek

Why do you play hide and seek oh deva!
When you hide behind the light of the sun.
I seek you in the rays of the light.
When you hide behind the moon.
I seek you in the twinkling stars.
When you hide in the ocean.
I seek you in the sand.
When you hide in the wind.
I seek you in my breathe.
When you hide in the fire.
I seek you in the heat.
When you hide in the rains.
I seek you in in the rainbow.
When you hide in the sound.
I seek you in the silence.
You smile in the hide.
and i love to see you smile.