Friday, January 27, 2017

Happiness is to see baba everyday


When baba comes home

His smile steals your heart and takes you on an eternal ride.

There you go with him

Towards yourself through his way.

To reach there high up.

Where you are one with him.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

divine garden

lendi baug
        They say my sai baba had ‘green’ fingers, for all that he sowed and planted would blossom forth into fruit and flower. The divine gardner nutured the seeds sown in the shirdi soil and brought it up with divine fruits and flowers.This divine garden was known as lendi baug.Its amazing that i am psting the information on lendi baug twice today,early in the day i postd on facebok page.But now i am writing on lendi buag with some added gyaan.Thanks to my intution that i just happened to switch to ishaanji {shiv yog} show on television.That divine soul was speaking on the importance of praticing the knowledge imparted to you by your guru without pirating it.He gave the example of a seed which needs to see the light of the day,the harsh rains,the gushing storms and the darkness before it matures into a strong tree.If the seed is kept in a gold locker then it is of no use similarly the knowledge imparted by the guru needs to be imparted in the worldy drama so that the soul realizes itself.The soul needs to give all the test of happiness and sorrow created by its owm karma and the only key to pass the test is just follow the words of the guru.
       I am trying my best to follow shirdi sai baba's words with love and i really take myself to task when i go against his words.I will be a tree who will give shadow to the travellers if i successfully follow my baba's words.

shirdi maze pandharpur

“YOU ARE VITHU-MAULI*, YOU ARE SAI-MAULI !”{from sai leela magazine written by devotee megha}

    Pandurang of Pandharpur town is the Deity dear to many, not only from Maharashtra and Karnatak but also for several people from outside Maharashtra ! The heartfelt love of Vitthal pulls the devotees to Pandharpur - forgetting the differences in religions and castes. Due to this congregation, Pandharpur has become a regional cultural center.
    Many devotees fervently believe that Pandurang or Vitthal of Pandhari is Lord Shrikrishna. This Deity is a beautiful statue carved out of black stone.
    Actually, the complexion of Pandurang (Pandurang Kanti) is supposed to be fair and that’s why He is called ‘Pandu-rang’. However, at the time of Amrut Manthan, the poison ‘Halahal’ came out of the seven seas and Lord Shankar digested it. Therefore, Lord Shankar (and in turn Lord Vishnu) acquired a dark complexion. Similarly, Lord Vishnu took ‘Amrut’ and hence, Lord Shankar became fair like camphor (Karpoor Gaur). Thus, the birth of Vitthal personifies
Origin of the name ‘Vitthal’
Many Saints have mentioned that Vitthal is a Form of no one else but Vishnu. The Kannada word ‘Vitthal’ is originated from ‘Vishnu’. Actually, the word ‘Vishnu’ got corrupted into ‘Vithu’ and its full form became ‘Vitthal’. It is also said that word ‘Vitthal’ is made up from Vit = Brick and Thela = Kept.
According to some, the name ‘Vitthal’ contains ‘Vid’ (Sanskrit) which means ‘knowing’. Thus, ‘Vitthal’ is the one Who gives experience of unity of knowledge. He is very much loved by the Saints.
Vitthal has a conch shell (Shankha) in one hand and a destroyer wheel (Chakra) in another. These are symbols of war. He has a cap over His head. It is believed that it is symbolic of Shivling.
Vari and Varkaris
For past more than 700 years, the devotees of this sect (Sampraday) have been undertaking annual pilgrimage trip to Pandharpur. This vow is known as Vari or trip and the devotees are known as Varkaris.
The Varkaris believe that performing Pooja of Sagun - Sakar Vitthal and His statue is equivalent to performingPooja of Brahma. They are convinced that Varkari Panth is the only sect showing the easiest path for transformation from Sagun to NirgunVarkari Panth is also referred to as Vaishnav Panth. The origins of this sect of devotion are very ancient. Pinnacle of the Saints - Saint Dnyaneshwar - embraced this sect. And after his doing so, the common men believed that Parabrahma itself is residing at Shri Kshetra Pandharpur in the Form of Vithoba.
Various Saints and Pandhari
sai vitthal
Pandharpur was dear to Saint Eknath for two reasons. For one, he believed that it is his Maher (parent’s abode).
‘‘Know that, that is this Pandharpur is the Maher1 of all Gods and the Nij - Mandir2 of all Saints’’
Secondly, he loved it because there was a congregation of Gods (Hari Har Sangam) at the place. He said that Pandhari is a mine of endless blessings.
‘‘There, where Karpoorgaur3 is standing constantly with Vishnu.’’